Leavitt takes shots at ACC

Add one more person to the list of unhappy people with the ACC's current championship game location.

South Florida coach Jim Leavitt wasn't shy recently about his feelings on the ACC title game being in Tampa and the strength of the ACC overall in comparison to the Big East, or at least the Bulls.

To clarify, the ACC actually finished the regular season with a 3-2 record over the Big East, with wins against Connecticut, Pitt and South Florida.

This is the last year Tampa will host the ACC title game before moving to Charlotte, which will make a better venue for almost everyone. There should be a better turnout, a better matchup and a better overall championship experience this year.

Leavitt is just a little grumpy that he has to take his middle-of-the-pack Big East team on the road for the season finale -- up north, no less, to Connecticut -- because Raymond James Stadium in Tampa will be occupied by Clemson and Georgia Tech. While he makes some valid points, I say toughen up, buttercup, and pack some gloves. It's cold up there.