Beamer sees opportunities ahead

The fan base has grown restless, the results have been disappointing, the roster is young and Frank Beamer has never been happier.

These are dark times by Virginia Tech's lofty standards. The program spent the past two seasons mired in mediocrity, an offensive quagmire making even the wins tough to watch, but entering his 28th year in Blacksburg, Virginia, and nearing his 68th birthday, Beamer doesn't see a program in the final stages of a doomed dynasty.

He sees opportunity.

"I'm hyped up about the future -- really," Beamer said. "It's never been a better job for me than right now."

This isn't Beamer ignoring the facts. For nearly three decades, he's insulated Virginia Tech from the harsh realities of an increasingly hostile college football landscape, but he's seen what happens in those bastions of consistency that suddenly stop yielding acceptable results.

In his own conference, Beamer watched as Bobby Bowden was pushed out at Florida State. Just eight months ago, Jim Grobe -- a man who effectively built Wake Forest football from the ground up -- departed with the program at its nadir. Beamer is all too aware that legends aren't immune to the whims of a desperate fan base, and he said he cares about the criticism now levied against him by his own fans. But he's certain this isn't the end.

"I'm very honest, and I'm big on being a positive influence," Beamer said. "I want to continue to coach here for a few more years, and I think I'll know when things are not as positive as they need to be."

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