ACC's lunchtime links

Six teams down, six to go for the conference wrap-ups. And backwards this time, too, eh? I figured this was a good time to squeeze in a few quick links ...

  • FSU coach Bobby Bowden will be cutting ties with the university and cleaning out his office after the bowl game. Very sad, very sad for FSU.

  • Sleep or celebrate? Georgia Tech opted for the rest, and it'll get plenty before the bowl game.

  • Miami linebacker Darryl Sharpton has his sights set on the NFL.

  • Virginia Tech linebacker Cody Grimm has been named the best FBS player in the state.

  • The first task Virginia coach Mike London faces is recruiting.

  • As a former high school band member (ahem), it is disappointing to read that Boston College will not be bringing the Screaming Eagles to the Emerald Bowl. To that I say scream, Eagles, scream.