Duke in need of new defensive coordinator

Duke defensive coordinator Mike MacIntyre will be named head coach at San Jose State University later today.

This is a great opportunity for MacIntyre, 44, but a huge loss for Duke. MacIntyre, who came to Duke with coach David Cutcliffe, was named the 2009 American Football Coaches Association FBS Assistant Coach of the Year. In November, when MacIntyre received the award, Cutcliffe said:

“Mike deserves a chance sometime whenever it’s the right fit to be a head football coach, and I’ll always be happy to lose a guy to that.”

MacIntyre was a defensive secondary coach for the Dallas Cowboys (2003-06) and the New York Jets (2007). He worked five seasons at the University of Mississippi (1998-2002) before going to the NFL. MacIntyre is a 1989 Georgia Tech graduate who has a master's degree from the University of Georgia. He played at Vanderbilt and at Georgia Tech.

“He’s got a great knack for calls and matchups and taking some mismatches and minimizing them,” Cutcliffe said. “He’s a great planner, he is absolutely tremendous with his X’s and O’s in general. A lot of guys have gimmicks, but really a lot of the great NFL coordinators I’ve been around, like Monte Kiffin, they just know football. They’re successful under any circumstances because they study the game, they’re real students of the game. Mike’s M.O. is being a student of the game.”

And now Cutcliffe is tasked with finding another one who has the patience to help build a program at Duke.