Checking in with TOB

I got a chance to catch up with NC State coach Tom O’Brien on Thursday, and in lieu of a Q&A today, I decided to go over some of his answers to the more pertinent issues facing the Wolfpack right now. Here’s O’Brien’s update on …

The status of offensive coordinator Dana Bible:

O’Brien said Bible, who was diagnosed with leukemia in late November, was doing well until he had a reaction to his medication this past weekend. O’Brien hasn’t talked to Bible, and he can’t visit him because he’s in isolation with a nearly nonexistent immune system. As of Tuesday, O’Brien spoke with Bible’s wife who said he was doing better.

The status of quarterback Russell Wilson:

Wilson will play baseball this spring, and likely won’t make a decision on his football future until he knows where his professional baseball career is headed. O’Brien said he thinks Wilson is leaning toward coming back to the football team, but doesn’t expect a final decision until after baseball season.

“If he goes out, and is a top pick in the draft, he’s got a decision to make,” O’Brien said. “He likes football now and his intention is to come back but I think we have to wait until after baseball to finalize it.”

O’Brien said that doesn’t throw his plans off track.

“That’s why we recruited (Mike) Glennon,” O’Brien said. “We’ve know this inevitability. … If baseball is in his future, that’s fine. Certainly the progression that’s set up is for Michael to be the quarterback. He will get every rep in the spring and will prepare for whatever we have to face next fall.”

On tailback Toney Baker's decision regarding the NFL:

Baker hasn’t made his decision yet, but O’Brien said that if he had to guess today, he would say Baker would leave and Wilson would stay.

“He’s going to sit down and weigh everything and make a decision,” O’Brien said. “I think he’s going to do it the right way, but if I were a betting man, I’d say Russell, yes, and Toney, no, -- today. That might change tomorrow, because I think Toney goes back and forth more than Russell does.”

I'll have more from my conversation with O'Brien next week.