Best of the kickoff

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

GREENSBORO, Ga. -- So this is how they do it: each coach sits at a table and calmly answers question after question, most often the same answer repeatedly. It's July, they just played a round of golf, and most of them are in fairly good moods. The reporters wander from table to table, with free range to ask whomever whatever.

Tommy Bowden's table was literally standing room only. Butch Davis' the same. At one point, there were only four reporters -- including myself -- talking to Randy Shannon. Every now and then, though, over the past two days, somebody said something that made you laugh, or raise your eyebrows. You can't be everywhere at once, but here were a few snippets from the players and coaches:

  • "It's a pain in the butt." -- Ralph Friedgen on Paul Johnson's offense.

  • "We need to move on." -- Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski on how sick he is of answering questions about his Matt Ryan-less offense.

  • "What's the point of dipping your feet in the water? You may as well jump in." -- Virginia linebacker Clint Sintim on the season opener against USC.

  • "Until we win some BCS bowl games like you just talked about, the perception is always going to be we're not as strong, and we aren't." -- Clemson coach Tommy Bowden on the strength of the ACC compared to other conferences.

  • "He's a freak." - Miami linebacker Eric Moncur on defensive end Allen Bailey

  • "You could tell who the quarterbacks are because they always have a knack for getting along with everybody." -- UNC safety Deutna Williams

  • "I'm sure that left a bad taste in their mouth. I'm sure they'll be gunning for us, but that's good, you get the best out of everybody." -- Virginia tight end John Phillips on their win over Miami last season.

Check back tomorrow for lots more on what the coaches had to say, and any news from the commissioner's breakfast.