Jimbo Fisher era officially begins today

It was just a formality, but today's announcement proclaiming Jimbo Fisher as Florida State's new head coach marks the start of a new era at Florida State. Like Fisher said at Wednesday's news conference, "this is for real now."

Do Florida State fans really want to see dramatic change, though, or do they want to see what once was -- outstanding recruiting, wins over rival Florida and consistent top-10 rankings? Fisher is tasked with moving the program forward while simultaneously getting it back to where it once was. It's not going to be easy, but he's definitely off to a great start.

Fisher has brought in good hires and recruited top-notch players, but it still has to come together on the field in 2010. Florida State has a head start because the bulk of the offense returns, including standout quarterback Christian Ponder, but if we learned anything this season it's that it takes more than a powerful offense to win championships.

The first goal for FSU is to win the Atlantic, and with the work Fisher has already put in, the Noles have already inched closer to that goal.