Virginia's other quarterback

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

His name is Riko Smalls, a 6-foot-1, 190-pound freshman quarterback you haven't seen this season and probably won't for the remainder of it.

But Virginia's defense has been watching him closely all week.

Smalls was the best option to mimic Georgia Tech's triple-option quarterback, Josh Nesbitt, at practice, and coach Al Groh said Smalls has given the defense a pretty good look.

"In the past, whether it's been option or elusive quarterbacks, sometimes we've had a good facsimile, sometimes it's been a challenge to get a very good look," Groh said. " ... Riko Smalls, who was a very good run-pass quarterback in high school and through two days of practice, has given us a nice simulation."

Still, they know it will be coming at them full speed on Saturday in Atlanta.

"I've had a chance to watch them on film and they're very scheme oriented," linebacker Clint Sintim said. "It requires a lot of guys to stay disciplined and focused on their responsibilities and we have to just really attack what their job is on each play."