Tuesday mailblog

What? What's that you say? Yes, I know where Philip Rivers went to school ...

Mariano in Miami, Fla., writes: Miss Dinich:I am assuming you left the U out because they did not belong to the ACC in 2000 and 2001 and 2002.However, I see VT, and BC which they did not belong to the ACC back then either.How could you not include Ed Reed, Clinto Portis, Jeremy Shockey, Sean Taylor, Vince Wilkfork, Kellen Winslow II, Antrel Rolle. Andre Johnson, Brett Romberg. Oh and Willis McGahee. You could not have pick atleast one player from this list? 2001 National Champions?I would put these guys and team man for man against Alabama today and the "U" would prevail.Am I missing something here? Please tell me where I made my mistake.

Heather Dinich: I knew I was going to get a question or two about this, but anything that's included from those three schools is based on what the program, player or coach did while a member of the ACC. We're talking from 2004 on. Miami has a TON of worthy players, but how many since it joined the conference? The Canes haven't even won their division yet.

Kevin in Tokyo, Japan, writes: Heather,I think you really missed one key bullet in your decade in review: GT, FSU, and VT all went to bowl games in every year of the decade. Only Florida and Georgia (and a couple other teams I think) can make such a claim.Kevin

HD: You're right, Kevin, that's a great note. I just double checked it to be sure. Not sure who else in the country can say the same, but that's impressive.

Pat in Duluth, Minn., writes: Hey Heather, Any truth to the rumors that Miami defensive line coach Clintt Hurtt will be leaving to assume the same job at Louisville?? If true, who do you think could be some potential candidates for the Canes open coaching slot?Keep up the good work!

HD: Yes, this is true. I've confirmed it with a source. Haven't heard anything on candidates to replace him, other than that's a decision that probably won't be made until after recruiting is wrapped up.

Tim in Denver, CO., writes: Heather, according to the Senior Bowl website there are only 5 players representing the ACC (3 from FSU and 2 from Miami.) Is this the final roster? Where is the rest of the reps from the ACC...namely CJ Spiller?

HD: A spokesperson for the bowl told me on Sunday the official list hasn't been released yet, but it should come out soon, and when it does, I'll post the ACC's reps. I'm pretty sure only FSU and Miami have been announced so far.