David M. Hale 1014d

A Clemson fan gets a Dabo tattoo that 'doesn't look like' Dabo

It’s not exactly a national championship trophy, but Dabo Swinney earned one honor he never expected this week when a user on the popular social networking site Reddit posted a photo of his latest tattoo.

The Reddit user promised to get a tattoo of the Clemson coach if the Tigers made the College Football Playoff, and this week, he settled up, all of which got a nice round of enthusiasm from the surprised Swinney.

“I’ve had birds and cats and dogs and lizards, and people say, ‘Hey, I named my iguana Dabo’ and one of these days, there’s going to be another human named Dabo,” Swinney said. “Then I’ll really know I’ve left my mark on society. But a tattoo? That’s never crossed my mind.”

Swinney was curious where the tattoo was located and what it looked like, but when he finally got a glimpse of it, he wasn’t entirely impressed.

“That doesn’t look like me,” he said.

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