Friday mailblog

It's almost signing day; almost ...

Bob in Stamford, Conn., writes: What is going on with the scheduling of future games between BC and Notre Dame? I had heard that there was a possibility of games in 2018-19 range, but nothing confirmed. I am sorry to see that Notre Dame is willing to let this natural rivalry between the only two Catholic FBS teams die.

HD: You heard correctly. There has been talk about future scheduling, but nothing has been confirmed. I agree it would be a shame to see this rivalry disappear.

Adam in Blacksburg, Va., writes: Heather, as a student at VT, I am actually a bit disturbed that Boise and VT are this close to moving the game to Labor Day. For one, why would VT want this? We have a young - very young - defense that could sure use some tune up games to start the year. Additionally, don't they care about the students at all? I mean, we have class that day, I guess half the student body will just have to skip; I know I won't be missing this match-up!

HD: I'll be more than willing to write you a hall pass for this one if need be, Adam. You're right, it's going to make for much higher stakes for the Hokies if it's bumped up because the new faces on defense won't have had as much time to adjust and work the kinks out, but Frank Beamer, historically, has liked for his players to have tough tests early so they know where they stand. We'll definitely find out in September, if the game is moved.

Ron in Belleville, Ill., writes: Any chance that the Big Ten will look at Maryland as part of its expansion considerations? Maryland seems to satisfy a lot of criteria: academic fit, contiguous to an existing Big Ten state (and the PSU/UMd games in the 1980's were great), large athletic department that's competitive in many sports, and most importantly, opening up the DC/Baltimore metro area to the Big Ten network. If so, any chance that Maryland would seriously consider the offer?

HD: The chances of that happening are about as good as me becoming the next draft pick. Geographically, financially, historically -- it's not a good fit for the Terps. And you're joking about the series with Penn State, right? Maryland is 1-35-1 against the Nits and hasn't beaten them since 1961.

Jason in Raleigh, N.C., writes: Hey HD do you have any update on how Dana Bible is doing? I can't find anything and was just wondering thanks a lot.

HD: He's going through chemo, is back at home and is doing as well as can be expected, according to a school spokesman.

Butch in Asheville, N.C. writes: Can you please explain the role of Hargrave Military Academy? I looked it up online and I still don't quite understand why football players go there after high school.

HD: It's a prep school, Butch. It's basically a football factory for players who don't qualify academically right out of high school.