Tuesday mailblog

Despite the approach of signing day and the release of the ACC schedule, there were some other pressing topics today ...

Victor in Richmond, Va., writes: Heather -I was watching one of your videos and have one question:Do you seriously have a Georgia Tech helmet on your desk?This seems like a conflict of interest especially when you factor in your effusive praise of the Yellow Jackets and Coach Johnson over the past 2 years...Inquiring minds want to know!

Heather Dinich: I can already hear the Georgia Tech fans, who for some reason think I despise the Jackets, ripping you now for saying I give them "effusive praise." So I picked against them a couple of times. They'll live. As for the helmet, it's from the ACC championship game. One side has GT, the other side has Clemson. New game, new helmet. The other one has Atlantic on one side and Coastal on the other. I've also got some blank computer paper lying up there if you're interested.

G in Houston, Texas, writes: With all the expansion talks/rumors/etc surfacing in regards to the Big 10's announcement a month or so back, how do you see this impacting the ACC? Your Big East counterpart has mentioned in a couple BE Mailbag that the BE's best interest would be to go after Maryland or BC. Do you honestly think either of those schools would leave for the BE?

HD: I don't think any other conference's decisions would have any impact on the ACC. The league made its big move when it went through expansion, and it has finally gotten settled with the divisions and is looking to build the championship game into a premier event. And tell Bennett to keep his paws off Maryland and BC. They don't want the Big East. :)

Bob in High Point, N.C., writes: Do you have your eye on any ACC team making a move to overtake the conference leaders next season?

HD: I'm expecting Miami and/or UNC to finally make a move.

Brad in Blacksburg writes: Heather, i have multiple questions but all relate to one player. First was Cody Grimm in any of the post season games like East-West or Senior bowl? And if not why wasnt he invited? To me these games seemed like the perfect opportunity for him?

HD: I spoke with Grimm last week, and no, he said he wasn't invited to any of those games, but he didn't seem all too concerned with it, either. He's a former walk-on who is used to proving himself, and the next level shouldn't be much different.

Josh in Fredericksburg, Va., writes: Hey HD!I know you feel [Ryan Williams] may go pro after next season, assuming all goes well, but there is a decent chance of a nasty labor dispute/lockout for 2011 (what would be his rookie year if he left after next season). I feel like NFL politics are impacting NCAA players a lot in this regard (see all the juniors leaving this year for the same reason), and I think that may eventually be the biggest thing in RW's decision to stay or go. Your thoughts?

HD: Well, first I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on NFL politics, but it would take a lot to deter a college kid from a lucrative NFL contract -- if that's what is on the table. If it turns into a complete mess, sure, that would probably factor into his decision, as would what the Hokies were able to accomplish in 2010, or if he felt there was something left to come back to.

Harrison in Columbia, S.C., writes: Hey Heather,Will the new Paul Hornung Award start this year for the 2009 season or next year from the 2010 season?Thanks,Harrison

HD: Unfortunately for C.J. Spiller, who likely would have been a candidate, it will start in 2010.

Dan in Greenville, S.C., writes: Heather - If I can make it out right, that is a bib from Marine Corps Marathon by your desk, right? What year did you run? Amazing event... Be well.

HD: Yepper, I ran it in 2006. Slowly. My one and only. I've also jumped out of a plane. (The only club I joined at Indiana was the "Falling Hoosiers.") Other than that, I've got nuthin'.