ACC Kickoff preview: Georgia Tech

The ACC kicks off its preseason media days next week, which means we’re closing in on fall camp around the league. With that in mind, we’re looking ahead to the biggest questions coaches are likely to field at the ACC Kickoff and predicting the answers we’re likely to hear and taking a stab at the real truth behind the quotes.

Next up, Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson.

Question: Will 2016 be more like 2014 (11 wins) or 2015 (three wins)?

How we think he’ll answer: We’ll have to wait and see. The team should be healthier this year, the backfield more mature, and Justin Thomas is still a star at quarterback. Last season was surely an anomaly, but Georgia Tech has a lot of work to do before Johnson will have a good feel for whether the team can compete for an ACC title.

How we wish he’d answer: Actually, Johnson is almost always brutally blunt about the status of his team, so his true answer is probably a pretty accurate one. He’s never been one to sugarcoat the obvious.

Question: Can your style of offense still win in a more competitive ACC?

How we think he’ll answer: A long stare followed by a gruff, “Next question.”

How we wish he’d answer: Same as above only with laser beams shooting from his eyes and steam coming from his ears.

Question: Do you feel like you’re coaching for your job?

How we think he’ll answer: Johnson doesn’t think about those types of things. He’s won his share of games at Georgia Tech, but every year is a new beginning, and his expectations for his team are high, too. The coaching rumors are just something the media stirs up. He’s focused on football.

How we wish he’d answer: Johnson is two years removed from an Orange Bowl victory and has one of the most talented players in the league at quarterback. He’s won a lot of games and survived ridiculous rumors before. The media just needs to shut up with these topics of conversation.