Tuesday mailblog

Somebody wants to give me a makeover. Another reader wants an ACC blog iPhone app. And some of you still have questions about football. They're calling for another 10 to 20 inches here today, but the mailblog is always delivered.

Micah in Raleigh, N.C., writes: How much better will the NC State defense be this year? Nate Irving will be back and we have 4 safeties coming in which should help in the backfield which I thought was our weakest area this past year.

HD: It has to be better, Micah. NC State had one of the statistically worst defenses in the country last year. The return of Irving should help, but we don't know what kind of shape he's in yet, or how long it will take him to get there. The secondary was a jigsaw puzzle every weekend, and the staff should find more stability there. TOB said David Amerson and Dontae Johnson could both play corner if needed. Still, inexperience will be a factor.

Jeff in Irvine, Calif., writes: When a team like FSU has to vacate wins, does the team they beat now get to claim them as victories in the record books?

HD: No, that's the difference between vacate and forfeit. Only when you forfeit does the opponent get credited with the win.

Nathan in Chesapeake, Va., writes: If Russell Wilson stays with football and keeps healthy all next season as he did this past one, do you think there's any chance for the wolfpack to make it to the ACC championship game?

HD: If it was all on Russell Wilson, maybe they would have won it by now. The Pack still have too many questions to consider them one of the top teams in the Atlantic.

Ramblin' On in Duluth, Ga., rambles on: HD, Love the Blog, but Why are people doubting GT going into next season because of the Defensive coaches and players leaving? GT upgraded big time from Wommack to Groh! And with two openings in the staff on defense Johnson and Groh can find some guys better suited to coach Groh's style. And as for Morgan and Morgan gone the D is going to beef up with depth and size with the previous years redshirts and return of S Taylor and LB Jackson, the QB of the Defense in '08 as a frosh and gaining Frosh Defensive POY. THe future only looks bright especially on offense with another year for Nesbitt and the OL to learn, WATCH OUT! THWG

HD: Thanks for reading, ramble. Some people, including myself, aren't necessarily doubting Georgia Tech, I think waiting is the more accurate word. Waiting to see how the new faces fit in on defense and in the staff meetings. The players who went to the NFL are proven. For the most part, the ones taking their places are not.

Matt in Denver writes: So FSU opens the season with Samford, the school that Bobby Bowden graduated from and began his coaching career with. So what are the chances that the Samford game will become a tribute to Bobby? I'm not sure if he would go for it, but I still think the AD is mulling it over.

HD: As far as I know, Bobby Bowden won't have anything to do with FSU this season. He has said he doesn't want to be looming over the program as Jimbo Fisher tries to move on, so I sincerely doubt it.

Jander75 from "the blogs" writes: Hello HD, big picture question for you: With FSU having to vacate wins including a bowl game does the money from said bowl game have to be returned? That would be a big hit to the FSU athletic department and the ACC as a whole since we pool our money.

HD: No, nobody will lose any money.

Pete in Pittsburgh writes: Hi Heather Dont you think its time for you to retire???

HD: Hang on, lemme ask Florida State ...