Oversigning in the ACC

My colleague Ivan Maisel wrote a great piece today on oversigning, the point being that many schools have found a loophole around the NCAA-mandated 25-player recruiting classes. It’s a limit that has applied to FBS schools since 1992. The loophole? The rule says no more than 25 signees may enter the university in the fall term. It says nothing about how many players may sign with the university in February.

How guilty is the ACC of this trend?

Not very.

Since 2006, only 14 of the ACC’s combined 60 total recruiting classes have had more than 25 players sign letters of intent, according to ESPN.com’s recruiting database. Four schools -- Clemson, Georgia Tech, Virginia and Wake Forest -- have never gone above 25. And no school is guilty of doing this more than twice since 2006.

Some were quick to criticize Butch Davis’ class of 28 last year, but that’s nothing compared to how the SEC has recruited. The SEC has combined for 34 recruiting classes with more than 25 players each. Mississippi State did it each of the past five years. Alabama did it four of the past five, as have Arkansas and Auburn. Only one school in the SEC – Vanderbilt – has kept its classes at 25 or under.

In comparison, it doesn't appear to be a trend -- or a problem -- in the ACC.