Where the recruits came from

Thanks to ESPN Recruiting, we've got a whole database showing the 2010 recruiting class broken down by state of origin.

How important is it for Florida State and Miami to say home? Very.

Florida was second only to Texas in the number of incoming freshmen it produced this month with roughly 370. (I'm trying to avoid exact numbers because the total list may include a few FCS signees, and there are also a few players who have yet to actually sign their letters of intent.) Regardless, the numbers are extremely close. Georgia had over 180 signees, and was the second-highest in ACC territory. Georgia Tech signed 14 in-state players. Miami signed 17 players from in-state this year and FSU signed 13.

Here's a quick look at the other states ACC programs call home:

Virginia -- 63 (Virginia Tech had 17, Virginia had 8)

North Carolina -- 62 (UNC had seven, NC State 5, Duke 9 and Wake Forest 4)

Maryland -- 57 (Terps had five)

South Carolina -- 51 (Clemson had 8)

Massachusetts -- 11 (BC had five)

I also looked up Pennsylvania (72) and New Jersey (57).

If you're curious about the SEC states, since some are neighboring, blogger Chris Low took care of that.