Tuesday mailblog

Thanks for dropping in ...

Chris in Melrose, Mass., writes: Hi, HD. There have been a few references to Herzlich coming back from BC as if it were a foregone conclusion. Is there any concern that BC - in this day and age of lawsuits, etc. - might not LET him come back?? I mean, he DOES have a metal rod inserted into his leg to strengthen his femur. Thoughts? Have you already spoken with the coaches/administration and confirmed that he is cleared to come back when he is ready? Thanks!!

Heather Dinich: Good question, Chris, and yes, I have spoken with Mark Herzlich and a school spokesman confirmed his return. It should be one of the more interesting storylines this year in the ACC. I'm interested to see if he still looks like the ACC's Defensive Player of the Year as we know him. Knowing Mark, he's aiming to be better.

David in Chapel Hill, N.C., writes: Heather,I know it gets hard to find angles this time of year, but you do a great job of satisfying my ACC football fix in the offseason. Anyway...my question is this. Why do you always assume that Mike Glennon is a "legitimate" option at QB for NC State in the case that Wilson plays baseball or gets hurt? Glennon may well end up being good, but he hasn't really accomplished anything at NCSU, other than a big Spring Game against his own poor secondary. Thoughts?

HD: Thanks for reading. You have a point, but I'm telling you what the coaches tell me. Tom O'Brien is very blunt and honest. When I asked him about his concerns over Russell playing baseball, he said, "Well, that's why we recruited Mike Glennon." He has also compared Glennon to Matt Ryan. With that being said, you're right -- Glennon still has to prove himself.

Vincent in Miami writes: Who do you think is at fault for the inconsistent play all around at Miami? The players start off strong and then play up and down like a rollercoaster? Do you think it's the coaches fault?

HD: At some point, the players have to take some accountability. I also think maturity was still a factor. When you look back on 2009, though, I only see two games that should have been W's -- the loss to North Carolina, and the loss to Wisconsin. They should have played better at Virginia Tech, but to start off 3-1 wasn't bad at all. The loss to Clemson was just a terrific game that Clemson deserves credit for.

Phil in Chicago writes: Do you think that E.J. [Manuel] is going to be injury prone once he takes over for [Christian] Ponder. Or do you think he is just not into Spring practice?

HD: Ha. It's not like he's trying to get out of gym class, man. No, I don't question his durability.

Jeff in Villa Rica writes: Who is the Georgia Tech/NC State game going to be more awkward for, Tenuta or Andy?

HD: I'd say Tenuta. McCollum is going back to his home state, where he's still got family and friends and a history with coach Paul Johnson. Tenuta, however, has added another stop on his résumé. He's going against his former team as a linebackers coach instead of a coordinator.