ACC's best game-day traditions: Georgia Tech

We're back at it this week highlighting the ACC's best game-day traditions, and the Georgia Tech fans have spoken. It took Alex in Atlanta three separate messages in my mailbag to get all of his thoughts in for this one. I'm surprised I didn't hear from George P. Burdell, a regular blog reader. I hear you out there, FSU fans, but believe it or not, the Jackets had the longer list.

Here were the most common traditions mentioned:

  • Budweiser song between the third and fourth quarters. I’ll be honest, all I can make out from the press box is “Go Georgia Tech, go Georgia Tech … Buuuudweiser!” But hey, it’s pretty cool.

  • The entrance of the Ramblin’ Wreck. The 1930 Model A Ford Sport Coupe has led the team out onto Grant Field for every home game since 1961.

  • Yellow Jacket Alley. About two hours before game time, the team gets off the buses at the North end zone of the stadium and walks through the fans and the band there to greet them. The Ramblin' Wreck and cheerleaders lead the way to the stadium.

  • The Varsity. Known as "the world's largest drive-in," this is the place to stop to coat the belly with grease before and after tailgating. Alex says it's an "important part of game day for many fans. They must get their Varsity hot dog, topped with either chili, cheese, cole slaw, or just a good ole' fashioned naked dog."

  • Steam whistle: Located adjacent to the stadium and directly behind the TECH Tower, the whistle can be heard on Saturdays after every Georgia Tech touchdown and after the Jackets win the game.

  • What's the good word? To Hell with Georgia! you say. Well, I'm sure you have some other choice words for your neighbor, too, but THWG is pretty standard. So, how 'bout them Dawgs?

  • Hell of an engineer: Ramblin' Wreck is one of those fight songs I find myself humming long after the game has ended because it sticks in your head: "I'm a Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech and a hell of an engineer ..."


Eric in Carrollton, Ga., writes: HD, The best gameday atmosphere by far is the GA Tech Gameday! Nothing in this world beats the first fall Saturday, heading to the Varsity (on of the best gameday traditions in America), and standing on Bobby Dodd Way waiting for the Band to parade down the hill from the Tech Tower and play Ramblin' Wreck and White and Gold to get us all fired up about the poor victims we are about to feast on!! Nothing beats college football amongst the skyscrapers of Downtown ATL!!!!!!!!!

Kathryn in Atlanta, Ga., writes: One of the best college traditions, by far, is the beautiful Ramblin' Wreck leading Georgia Tech's team out onto the field. Everyone has mascots, sure, but who else has a car? OR one as awesome as a 1930 Ford Model A in great condition?Also, the Georgia Tech fight song is a fabulous tradition. Or song is one of the most known in the country, has been sung by Kruschev and Nixon, has been featured in movies, and proclaims that we are a group of "Helluva Engineers!"

Blume in Atlanta, Ga., writes: GT tradition:Chili Dog, Onion Rings, and Frosty Orange at the Varsity before (and after) the game! "Wudda ya-ave?"

Alexa in Atlanta writes: GEORGIA TECH has the BEST GAMEDAY EVER! 2.5 hours before kickoff: Players walk down Yellow Jacket Alley. They are led by the cheerleaders, drumline and dance team. All the fans have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the players and give them some words of encouragement as they head to the locker rooms. 1 hour before kickoff: Marching Band led by the Wreck parades down freshman hill to Bobby Dodd Stadium splitting the sea of fans. They play "Up with the White and Gold" and "Ramblin' Wreck" and all the fans sing along. The band then plays at the stairs in front of the north end of the stadium. It's an awesome sight to see. Everything the band does on gameday is greatly appreciated and makes the day as amazing as possible! Before Pregame: The band lines up in the tunnel under the stadium and sings "To HELL with georgia!" It's the perfect gameday hype song.We might not be the biggest school, but we know how to support our team and be true fans!

Fear not, Seminoles, Florida State is up next.