3-point stance: The confidence of Clemson's youth

1. Clemson director of football administration Woody McCorvey, a college football lifer, on how Tiger sophomore quarterback Deshaun Watson has led a team with 42 freshmen and redshirt freshmen to the national championship game: “Sometimes when you got young guys, things don't affect them like they do an older guy. I've seen a lot of that this year. You got the ball backed up against Notre Dame, and it doesn't affect him. He said, ‘Look, y'all ready to go win? Let's take this thing on a 93-yard drive.' Boom! He takes it down the field and all those kids believe in him. The confidence he shows just goes throughout the organization.”

2. Looks to me like the Texas A&M honeymoon is over. The adrenalin of the Aggies' gobsmacking debut in the SEC in 2012 is spent, and what's left is a program adrift. Athletic director Eric Hyman gives head coach Kevin Sumlin an absolute vote of confidence on Monday and resigns on Tuesday? It's entirely possible that a new athletic director, arm in arm with Sumlin, could climb the SEC West ladder. Keep in mind that since Sumlin arrived four years ago, he will be on his third university president and his third athletic director. That is not a formula for success.

3. Larry Coker resigned from UT-San Antonio on Tuesday the same way that he coached throughout his career -- without fanfare. Coker, a career assistant, was thrust into the spotlight at Miami after Butch Davis took the Cleveland Browns job in 2001. Coker rode Davis's creation to the national title in 2001 and won his first 24 games with the Hurricanes. Coker went 58-41 the rest of the way at Miami and at UTSA, where he started the program from scratch. He will be remembered as a gentleman and a good coach, if not a great one. There are worse ways to be remembered.