Early thoughts on the ACC's new schedule


With Pittsburgh and Syracuse being added to the ACC in July, this morning’s conference scheduling news is a lot for ACC fans to digest, and we’ll continue to look more closely at each team’s schedule, the crossover schedules, and the nonconference schedules once everything is complete. Even with the additions of two new teams, ACC officials still expect the entire schedule to be finished in early February, which is usually when it is ready. There are still a few schools searching for nonconference opponents.

Until then, this model is a fresh start for the ACC, and the basis for future scheduling. Here are a few quick thoughts on it from Heather and Andrea:

  • Yes, Georgia Tech has to play at Clemson again, but this will help the Jackets in the long run if they can bite the bullet this season and head to Death Valley again. In the past, Georgia Tech has had to play at Clemson and at rival Georgia in the same season. This schedule model will start to split that up.

  • The ACC didn’t “pick” which teams have to repeat their travel schedule from 2012. It’s just the way the chips fell as a result of the formula. If you notice, the entire Atlantic Division plays its primary crossover opponents at home. But when it comes to the rotating crossover opponents, it switches, and the Coastal Division gets those games at home. The ACC did that so the model can be continued.

  • This isn’t the first time this has happened. The ACC also had repeat-site games in 2006, after expansion.

  • Duke got the worst of the teams that have to repeat their travel schedule, having to play at Wake Forest and at Virginia Tech again.

  • North Carolina is in for a doozy. The Tar Heels have to play at Georgia Tech, at Pittsburgh, at Virginia Tech, and at NC State. Good luck.

  • Syracuse has the more difficult conference schedule of the two new teams because it has to play at Florida State, at NC State, at Georgia Tech, and it still has to play Pitt.

  • Pitt got stuck with FSU as its rotating partner. Good luck, Panthers.

What’s your take on the new schedule format?

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