Barnes: Georgia Tech's offense running smoother, faster

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

For those of you wondering how much better prepared ACC defenses will be for Georgia Tech's offense in the second season under Paul Johnson, it will probably be somewhat comparable to how the Jackets' own defense fared against it the first time they saw it again this spring.

When they were in shells during the first week of practices, the offense and the defense were separated. As linebacker Anthony "A.T." Barnes said, they didn't really see each other "live and in color" until they went full pads. And when they did?

"They are so much smoother," Barnes said. "The first time we went back up against them we were like, 'what in the world?' It was like they're a totally new team because they're so crisp and smooth and so much faster. Every time they touched the ball it was a touchdown. We didn't know where the ball was. Then they're throwing new tricks in. It's more smooth and crisp."

So, yes, ACC defenses should be better at defending Georgia Tech this fall. But Georgia Tech will also be better at executing its offense.