Readers weigh in with a few questions

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

You asked, I answered:

This question comes from Timmy, in Lynn, MA:

Hey Heather. My question concerns Boston College and their QB situation following the departure of Matty "Ice" Ryan. Do you think Chris Crane can come in there and get the job done? He's big and somewhat resembles Ryan in the pocket, and on top of that is even more mobile. One problem could be not having Callendar and Whitworth as reliable bail-outs on screens, etc. What's your take and are you even sure he will definitely be the starter in their opener against Kent St?

Timmy -- I talked to Chris this spring and he wanted fans to remember he HAS played before, and he learned a lot about the game from Ryan. Considering he's got Steve Logan to work with, and Logan will adapt the offense to fit Crane's strengths, I think they'll be ok here. And yes, I'm pretty sure he'll be the starter on Aug. 30.

From Kevin, in Baltimore:

Let's be honest first. I hate Clemson. I really do. I'm a Georgia Tech alumni and fan and I hate the tigers more than UGA. Will you please agree with me and recent history in realizing Clemson is in store for another 8 or 9 win season? Every year we hear about how this is going to be Clemson's year, that they will get over the hurdle and win the ACC. They will start the season off hot and retain a high ranking before hitting the midpoint of their schedule: Maryland, at Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, at Boston College, at Florida State.

Kevin -- Tell me how you really feel. I definitely don't think Clemson will make it through the season undefeated, and I understand where you're coming from on the history here. Here's my take: There is absolutely no excuse for Clemson not to win it this year. This might be the most veteran team Tommy Bowden has had in a decade. If they blow it -- which they might -- they are deserving of criticism. Until then, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Here's one from Josh, in Atlanta:

Toss Up- Who has a worse qb situation heading into the opening nite thursday espn game, the 'Pack or the 'Cocks? Why? And who wins?

Ooh, that's a great question. Well, at South Carolina you've got two guys who combined to throw eight picks in their spring game against an easy D. It's Beecher's job for now, but he has only thrown 25 passes in his career. At NC State you've got Daniel Evans, who missed the spring because of a shoulder injury and threw more INTs (13) than touchdowns (12) last season. But at least he played. And Russell Wilson wants this job and showed it this spring, and there are also high hopes for rookie QB Mike Glennon. I give the quarterback nod to the Wolfpack on this one based on the spring, experience, and Tom O'Brien's reputation for recruiting quarterbacks. Who will win? Spurrier. Why? He's got 18 of 22 starters back and our own SEC blogger Chris Low thinks these guys are capable of winning eight games this season.

From Trent, in Clemson:

Heather, once the season starts, can we expect to see you at games around the ACC. Also, what is your favorite memory covering ACC football?

Trent -- Heck yeah, I'll be at games every weekend. As for my favorite memory, since I spent the past two and a half seasons covering Maryland before I took this job, it would have to be a moment during the Terps' unbelievable meltdown at Wake Forest. Maryland blew a 21-point lead and lost, 31-24 in overtime. I'll never forget following Wake assistant Ray McCartney down the steps after the game. He was on his cell phone with his wife and was as excited as a 12-year-old who just got tickets to the Super Bowl.

From Thomas, in San Fran:

Let's go back to your list of the best quarterbacks in the ACC. How in the world could you leave Tyrod Taylor from Virginia Tech off your list? The guy was a true freshman last year who won all his starts (5-0). I can't believe you even listed Peter Lalich who didn't do even accomplish close to what Taylor did last year. What's your deal?

Thomas -- These lists are for the entire league, which means every team is going to be represented here, and right now, Peter Lalich seems to be the closest thing UVA has to a starting quarterback, which is why he's on the list. I picked Glennon over Taylor because he proved he could lead the Hokies to an ACC title and knew more of the playbook than Taylor did last season.

Thanks for the questions -- I'll have a few of my own this morning in a fun interview with Doug Rhoads, the ACC's coordinator of officials. Check back this afternoon for that and lots more.