Most hated coach in the ACC?

It's OK to be a hater -- at least this week.

The theme at ESPN.com is the coaches we love to hate, and your opinion counts. Tell me, which coach in the ACC do you love to hate? From my esteemed colleague Mark Schlabach's column ...

Clemson fans hate Dana Holgorsen for putting up 70.

Clemson fans hate Dabo Swinney for giving up 70.

Wake Forest's opponents hate Jim Grobe for beating them with less.

Florida State fans hate Jimbo Fisher for losing to Wake Forest with more.

Who in the ACC gets your vote for the hate and why? It can be a current coach, or it can be the most hated coach in ACC history. Hmm. Give it some thought and then drop me a line in the mailbag. I'll check them out and on Friday we'll crown the most hated coach in the conference. Consider this your invitation to send me some "hate" mail.