More good news for Noles' receivers

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Richard Goodman won't be facing any felony charges for his involvement in last year's campus brawl near the student union.

The bottom line in this incident was whether Goodman actually threw a chair that struck a female in the face, and according to the assistant state's attorney's "No Information" report, there was "no independent evidence or identification ... that would establish the identification of the person that threw the chair ... beyond a reasonable doubt."

Goodman had been suspended indefinitely until the case had been resolved. Judging by this news, he should be back in time for the Miami game, if that's what coach Bobby Bowden decides to do (although the document states that Goodman, Taiwan Easterling, Avis Commack and Corey Surrency were all identified as players who threw at least one chair). With Goodman and Bert Reed back, FSU's receivers suddenly seem quite capable of having a productive season.