NC State assistants help teen after accident

Two North Carolina State assistant coaches came to the rescue Tuesday evening at the scene of a car accident, according to wide receivers coach Frisman Jackson.

The one-car accident involved a teenage girl and occurred at Holly Springs Road in Raleigh, according to a school spokeswoman, and happened on a sharp turn following a storm. Jackson and defensive coordinator/linebackers coach Dave Huxtable, who live down the street from each other, were both driving home from work when they saw the accident. Jackson said Huxtable "pulled over abruptly" when he saw the overturned vehicle.

"We both jumped out of our car and ran over to aid the person," Jackson said. "We were talking to her on the driver's side. I went around to the passenger's side and yanked the door open and me and Coach Huxtable both pulled her out."

Jackson said the girl was the only person in the car, but she was wearing her seatbelt and wasn't seriously injured. Jackson, who has a daughter and is expecting a boy in December, said it was pure instinct to get out of his car and make sure everything was OK.

"The door was kind of stuck in some mud so I had to go back to my old football weight-lifting, get down in a squat position and use your whole lower half to yank it open," he said. "The car was flipped on its hood. It was pretty bad. It was stuck there in the trees and everything. Luckily she had her seatbelt on."

And luckily there were two assistant coaches willing to help.