Former ACC WRs represent in NFL playoffs

This has been a terrific postseason for former ACC receivers in the NFL playoffs. According to the ACC office, six of the top eight receivers in the playoffs came from the ACC, and they have accounted for 19 of 39 touchdown passes caught, and nine of the 15 100-yard receiving games.

Here's a more in-depth breakdown for you from the ACC office:

Through the NFL’s first 10 playoff games, receivers who have played collegiately at current ACC schools have accounted for 48.7 percent of all of the passing touchdowns thrown, 34 percent of the passing yardage and 25.5 percent of the pass completions.

In all, 15 former ACC players have totaled 113 catches for 1,899 yards and 19 touchdowns in the 10 NFL playoff games to date. They have averaged an eye-opening 16.8 yards per catch. By comparison, the non-ACC receivers in those games averaged just 11.2 yards per catch.

Of the top eight receivers in terms of yardage in the NFL playoffs, six are from current ACC schools including the top two in Hakeem Nicks (North Carolina) of the New York Giants with 335 yards and a 18.6 per-catch average and Demaryius Thomas (Georgia Tech) of Denver with 297 yards and a 29.7 per-catch average. They are followed by Vernon Davis (Maryland) of San Francisco (292), Marques Colston, who played collegiately at Hofstra, of New Orleans (256) and Victor Cruz of the New York Giants (242), who played collegiately at Massachusetts. But the next four are ACC products in Calvin Johnson (Georgia Tech) of Detroit (211); Andre Johnson (Miami) of Houston (201); Anquan Boldin (Florida State) of Baltimore (174) and Jimmy Graham (Miami) of New Orleans (158).

Nicks will be playing in next Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Nine of the 15 100-yard performances by NFL receivers in the playoffs have been from receivers from ACC schools. ACC receivers turned in the only 200-yard receiving efforts in the playoffs, when Georgia Tech’s Calvin Johnson had 12 catches for 211 yards for Detroit against New Orleans and Georgia Tech’s Demaryius Thomas had 204 yards on only four catches versus Pittsburgh. Hakeem Nicks and Vernon Davis are the only receivers in the playoffs to have topped the 100-yard mark twice.