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Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

You asked, I answered:

Henri in Atlanta, Ga., writes: Hey Heather, any comments on Jonathan Dwyer getting listed by Mel Kiper as the best running back in the draft?

Heather Dinich: At seven yards per carry, Dwyer should be one of the best backs in the draft, but Jackets fans don't have to worry about Dwyer's focus this fall. I asked him about his NFL aspirations recently and he said it's a huge dream for him -- huge -- but that he's not thinking about it this season. I still think, though, that C.J. Spiller will finally have the season that gets him some recognition.

Bill in Boston writes: Hey, love the blog updates, keeps me going at work during the offseason! Quick question: regarding all of the safety talk, where is Kam Chancellor in the national discussion? He had a bit of an off-year last year, but before last year there was a lot of attention surrounding him, and he was learning a new position. I think he is poised to break out in a big way, so wheres the love?

HD: Well, every safety in the nation right now is overshadowed by the hype surrounding Tennessee's Eric Berry and USC's Taylor Mays. They're the ones dominating the national discussion, and rightfully so. Don't forget that Chancellor moved into the starting free safety job for 2008 after spending his sophomore season as Tech's rover. He'll be playing the same position for more than one season for the first time in his Tech career, and that should make a difference in his consistency this year.

Treigh in Clemson, S.C., writes: HD i see your All ACC team is missing a few tigers on the defensive side of the ball. I take nothing away from young, worilds, robinson, or virgil but i think that Sapp and Bowers will prove they are the best ends in the ACC. And then our corners Chancellor and Butler both of who could be all americans this year. I dont think they all should have made it but one or two of them definatly should be on there. Thanks for all the great work HD keep it up

HD: Thanks for reading, Treigh, and no doubt you named players who are among my Top 30 in the ACC, and who got significant consideration. Both Bowers and Sapp should really flourish under Kevin Steele's defense, and you're right -- that duo at corner should be one of the best in the ACC. It was a tough call, trust me.

Bubba in Atlanta writes: HD, on of the members posted a comment that a starting UMD DT quit the team today. Would you, please confirm or refute that info?

HD: No doubt, Bubba, it's true. Dion Armstrong is out.

Neal in New York writes: Heather,I am a huge fan of your blog. However, I have to question your article, "Virginia Tech's medical staff not to blame." I believe the standard in VA for legal liability in medical malpractice is harm that is reasonably foreseeable for a person in a similarly situated position - i.e. whether other physicians of a like training/community would have acted the same or differently in a similar situation. I am unsure how other physicians would react to a report of a sprained knee and that it appears to be stable (e.g. it is possible that an expert orthopedic would order an MRI for a superior athlete because he or she knows, or should know, that strong quadriceps will strengthen a knee despite injury). I don't want to draw a conclusion one way or the other - I simply want to point out that there's not enough information out there to draw a conclusion that physicians/staff are NOT to blame. Neal

HD: You make some great points, Neal, and I'm about as close to being a doctor as I am the Hokies' next quarterback, so I'm probably not qualified to evaluate the medical staff's performance. But running backs coach Billy Hite told me that Darren Evans' knee was so strong it completely hid the real problem. I just find it hard to lay blame in such an unfortunate incident, so in this case, I won't.

Adam in Atlanta writes: Hey Heather, I completely understand the expectation that GT's defense will be a little down this year after losing 3 NFL caliber defensive lineman, but doesn't having the other 8 starters return just mean that our defensive strength shifts the the LB's and backfield? Can they make up for the loss of Johnson, Walker and Richard?

HD: Yes, Georgia Tech's linebackers and secondary will no doubt be the strength of the defense, and I don't think Jackets fans should panic too much over the departures up front. The guys replacing them have experience, it's just a matter of transitioning into a starting role. And having Derrick Morgan up there will go a long way in helping that transition.

Robert in Blacksburg writes: Hey HD, Thanks for all the updates on Darren Evans. It's such an unfortunate, freak accident but I think he'll come back better than ever with increased drive and intensity. My question is, will he be able to get a medical redshirt for this season, or will he lose a year of eligibility?

HD: Unfortunately, Evans will lose this year of eligibility because he has already redshirted. Not that I understand this, but Evans would have to be hurt again and miss another season in order to earn the medical hardship. The reality of the matter is this: When Evans comes back, if he has another season like he did in 2008, he'll be in the NFL anyway, so it won't be an issue. So Hokies fans, enjoy every carry while you have him. Evans has a son, and if he's projected a high draft pick, Hite will be one of the first people pushing him out the door -- sadly, of course.

Seth in Muscle Shoals, Ala., writes: Heather, I know most people predict a 8-4 season for the Miami Hurricanes. How realistic is a 10-2 season? I'll give you Georgia Tech and Oklahoma, but we beat Va Tech last year and should have beaten FSU. The only game after the first fearsome foursome that i'd be worried about is going to UNC. Level with me HD.

HD: Seth, I'll level with you: I think a nine-win season would be a success for the Canes, and that includes a win at FSU.

Peter in Jacksonville, Fla., writes: Why are the Hokies ranked so high in the pre-season every year?!??! they always bomb out! So overrated.

HD: Hmm, three ACC titles and an Orange Bowl win in five seasons. Yeah, sounds like a real underperformer.