Morning mailblog

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Good morning, ACC fans. Sorry for the late start today. One thing I can address without finishing my coffee is squashing the rumor that Boston College and Georgia Tech might switch divisions. Not gonna happen. Now, without further delay ...

Luis, a Cane stuck in Virginia, wrote: Heather, just wanted to know what you thought about Mark Whipple potentially being promoted to HEAD COACH at the U if the canes have another lackluster season. I was never a fan of the Coker hire, I wasn't a fan of the Shannon hire either (at least Shannon has had success in recruiting), and Whipple just comes off as a guy who knows what he's doing when it comes to running a football team. Do you think this is even remotely a possibility? Or just a pipe dream for some of us cane fans?

Heather Dinich: If the Canes have another lackluster season, why would Kirby Hocutt want to promote anyone on staff? What if the offense is the reason they struggle? Here are my thoughts on Miami: I have no question about Mark Whipple's abilities as a coach, and I've heard he's a heckuva guy, too. It's only a matter of how quickly his players can learn -- and execute -- the offense. From what I'm told, they're doing well with it. If Miami struggles this year, it certainly won't be for a lack of talent, that's for sure.

John in New York writes: Should we take it as a vote of no-confidence in Dominique Davis and Justin Tuggle that Codi Boek was moved back from FB to QB? What is Gary Tranquill looking for in a QB? Does his scheme emphasize athleticism and running ability as much as Logan's did? Thanks!

Heather Dinich: Definitely not. That move will help the depth at the position AND the competition. Boek was a dual-threat quarterback in high school. I talked to Montel Harris recently and he said they're opening up the playbook a bit, there's a wider variety of plays to choose from, and that it's been pretty difficult to learn. I'll have more from that conversation for you later.

Greg in Greenville writes: Heather would like to know what you think of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets this year and for years to come. You think we have a chance at winning the ACC this year?

Heather Dinich: Yes, definitely. I spoke with the Jackets' D-line coach, Giff Smith, recently, and he seems confident in the guys who will be taking over there. Georgia Tech's success (much like everyone else) will be determined by how they fare up front. They've got to replace three of four starters on defense, and the offensive line simply has to get better. Other than that, they've got all of the ingredients they need.

Somebody wrote: Heather Is the ACC losing the Champs bowl to the Big East?

Heather Dinich: No, that relationship is as solid as ever. However, the conference is expected to announce soon a new bowl partnership to replace the Humanitarian Bowl. The EagleBank Bowl will move up to the No. 8 spot and a ninth bowl will be added.