More on the mess at Miami

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

A few quick notes out of Coral Gables today. First, there will be no more coaching changes at Miami. There seems to be a lot of speculation out there, but what's done is done.

Second, Eugene Marve, father of former Miami quarterback Robert Marve, wants to make sure there are no hard feelings between his family and the University of Miami. He acknowledged that he said some "harsh things" in reaction to the news that coach Randy Shannon has blocked his son from transferring to any other ACC, SEC or school in the state of Florida, but apologized for that.

"If I said anything to offend anyone, especially the University of Miami or Randy Shannon, that was not my intention," Eugene Marve said. "My intention is to bring forward the fairness and injustice we've received on his ruling ... Football is a very emotional game, and I might have said some emotional comments."

Marve said there are reasons he and his ex-wife are fighting to keep Robert close to home, preferably in an SEC school like Florida. Eugene Marve was diagnosed with prostate cancer five years ago and has been through radiation and chemotherapy. He's tied to a cancer study in Bradenton, Fla. Robert's mother, Julie, had remarried and her second husband passed away, creating a financial hardship to have Robert "shipped off north or west."

Eugene Marve is afraid his son is caught between a recruiting "turf war" between Shannon and Florida coach Urban Meyer. He said he is afraid Shannon has put these restrictions on his son to send a message to SEC schools not to interfere with his players and recruits.

Shannon has not been available for comment. Until he or someone from Miami gives a reason as to why such excessive restrictions were placed on Marve's transfer, I'll withhold judgment on the situation -- but will continue to ask Miami for answers.