Highlights from Bowden's press conference

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Bobby Bowden is an entertainer. It's no wonder he's going to continue to make a living by speaking to people.

He had fun in his postgame press conference, and so did we. Win or lose, Bobby Bowden is one of the greatest characters in college football, and one of the best interviews.

Here are some snippets of what he had to say following the final game of his career:

On what the headline would be tomorrow if he could write it: "Well, my headline would probably be, 'Bobby Bowden pulled out another great win with his excellent strategy. He jerked the mic away from Jimbo Fisher and started calling plays himself. That's why they won.'

"Another lie. It would be another lie."

On being carried off the field:"They must have sent the littlest guys they could. They couldn't even lift me up. And so, anyway, I ended up walking off the field. They were determined to get me on their shoulders. So they did that when I came off that stage. I don't know how far they would have carried me, but I finally got them to put me down."

On throwing his hat into the stands:"I say, 'Dadgummit, that's my last game, they can't give me more than 15 yards. So I'm going to throw that hat up there for the last time to the band because they mean so much to me."

On planting the spear: "Yeah, I used to try to throw a javelin in college and it would just kill me when it wouldn't stick up. Throw that thing down there, and it is supposed to stick. I was wondering if that thing was going to stick. But I got it on my first shot, so I could be a pretty good spear thrower, I believe."

Any regrets?: "I wanted 400 so bad. I wanted 400 so bad because I felt like, well, Joe is going to beat me -- when they took away those games, Joe is going to beat me. And if I could just get to 400, it would be me and him. I could hang around with him and follow him around a little bit. But I wanted 400 but didn't get a shot at it."