Speaking of Ray Ray ...

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

After what I originally thought was a rather harmless blog entry yesterday on a random connection between Clemson and Temple, I got several notes like these:

MadMike from T-town, writes:

Why not, instead of painting this pretty picture of the Ray Ray story an how Clemson is so great, write how Clemson bagged poor Ray Ray and his brother after using him and his great PR. Why not post that on your blog. I can't believe that was not a bigger story than it was.

Well, that was a pretty big story in March, and most of the opinions on it seemed to be the same. Jemele Hill wrote about it, too.

There's always more to the story, though, and Mark Schlabach found it.

But for those of you whose hearts were broken over Tommy Bowden's decision, it's not like Ray Ray McElrathbey is leaving Clemson empty-handed.

Six Clemson football players will graduate on Saturday and McElrathbey will be one of them.

Last I checked, that's what college is for.

McElrathbey will receive his undergraduate degree in sociology from Clemson at 11 a.m. on Saturday in Littlejohn Coliseum. He will continue his education and his football career this fall at Howard University in Washington, DC.

McElrathbey's little brother, Fahmarr, received financial support through a fund established by a waiver granted by the NCAA. The McElrathbey family will be available on the concourse area on the south side of Littlejohn Coliseum at the conclusion of the graduation ceremony on Saturday.

"I want to personally thank everyone who made this day possible," McElrathbey stated in a release. "We received so much support from the Clemson community over the last three years and I hope they will come by this area after graduation so I can thank them."

Also graduating are current Tigers Chris Clemons and Paul Macko, former players Jad Dean, Marion Dukes and Elsmore Gabriel.