Frank Beamer on position changes

There will be some significant movement on the roster when the Hokies start spring practices on Wednesday. Here are the major position changes, followed by coach Frank Beamer's take on each:

Chris Drager from defensive end back to tight end: "What an unselfish guy. I came to him a couple years back and said to him, 'We need help at defensive end,' and I really think he feels like -- and I do, too -- his best NFL position is probably tight end. There's some value to having played both. NFL people will look at that as a positive, too. He's been a very unselfish player, very much a team player."

Vinston Painter from guard to tackle: "Vince has had a great offseason program, running a great 40, strong and has really excelled in the weight room here. You need those athletic guys at tackle. They've got to block those athletic defensive ends. If he can get out there at tackle and play the way I think he's capable of -- and I think he's ready to do that -- he could be a big, big help for this football team."

Laurence Gibson from tackle to guard: "That's a good position for him. He's not quite as nifty as he probably needs to be out there at tackle. That helps him."

James Hopper from rover to tailback: "He was an exceptional tailback in high school. That will give him a chance to get in and use some of his quickness."

Antone Exum from free safety to rover: "You have a guy who's got a lot of athletic ability. We want him to really hone in and play consistent, play the way he's very, very capable."

Riley Beiro from tailback to fullback: "We've really got some good fullbacks in there. Joey Phillips, Martin Scales are two guys I really think have a lot of ability, and Beiro fits into that category also. We're getting some guys there that we really feel solid about at that fullback position."

Dominique Patterson and Nick Dew to whip linebacker: "We're really looking for playmakers there at that whip and we've got several there right now. As we look at them, I see when you talk about Jeron Gouveia-Winslow, Alonzo Tweedy, Patterson, Dew ... you're talking about some really good players. We'll see what happens there, but our first priority is to get some good playmakers at the whip position and then some of those guys may need to go somewhere else. They're good players and for the most part, they need to be on the field playing."

Josh Oglesby from fullback to tailback: "He's been a good tailback. With the two guys coming out early, I think he gives us a very solid, very good tailback."