Discover Orange Bowl pregame notes

MIAMI -- There are no lineup changes for Virginia Tech, other than the ones you already know about -- Darren Evans starting at tailback, and former walk-on Jack Tyler will get his first start at mike linebacker with Bruce Taylor sliding over to the backer spot.

It will be an unusual rotation at linebacker, as Taylor started all 13 games this year at the mike spot and will replace Lyndell Gibson, who started all 13 games at the backer spot, but was injured in the ACC championship game. Tariq Edwards will play backer as well, allowing Taylor to move back to the mike spot during the game. Taylor had said earlier this week he couldn't ever remember another time he had played two positions, but he was eager to try it.

Stanford had no lineup changes, but offensive guard James McGillicuddy, who likes to switch jerseys to keep things interesting, could be wearing No. 11 Monday night. Just look for the 307-pound guy moving around back there.