Georgia Tech's QB suffers stinger

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Georgia Tech quarterback Josh Nesbitt suffered a 'stinger' in his shoulder this morning, but is expected to practice this afternoon.

Guys get these all the time. Doesn't sound like there's any reason to panic, but there is legitimate competition going on at quarterback. On Tuesday, one of the highlights in the team's overtime drill was a 25-yard touchdown pass from Jaybo Shaw to true freshman Jonathan Lockhart.

Nesbitt responded, though, with a 25-yard touchdown pass of his own to Roddy Jones.

I actually got to catch up with Nesbitt earlier this week.

"For right now it's my job to lose," said Nesbitt.

Nesbitt missed part of the spring with a groin injury, but until today hadn't experienced any setbacks and is more comfortable with the offense. The offense fumbled the ball on numerous occasions this spring, but Nesbitt said that's not the case anymore.

"During the spring we weren't sure of this read or that read," he said. "We weren't concentrating. We've got all that down pat right now."

As for his thoughts on the low expectations for the program from outsiders?

"We have a very good team this year," Nesbitt said. "People are really counting us out, but we don't look at the media. We don't worry about what other people think. We know we're good. We've gotta go out and prove that."