ACC Mailblog

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

It must be getting close to summer camp, because there are a ton of questions in the mailbag this week. I might do an extra addition on Monday for you because I just grabbed the most recent notes that were in there. Have a great weekend and check back Sunday for more news and notes.

Brad in Richmond, Va., writes: Hi Heather,Thanks for your continuous work on the ACC - I know it's hard to be on top of everything that goes on for 1 team, let alone 12. In reading your comments about Vic Hall on my Cavaliers team, I get the sense that you might not be fully aware of his high school QB achievements. Most in the Wahoo community feel he should've been a QB all along, despite whatever height limitations he might have, given his amazing HS career. He only moved to CB a few years ago because the packing order above him was crowded at QB, and the team was in dire need of bodies at the CB spot. To no one's surprise, Vic was able to pick up the position and play it fairly well, although many of us think Al made a mistake by not moving him back to offense earlier. If I'm wrong in your knowledge of Vic, I apologize -- if not, please take amoment to dig into his numbers...you might join our group of folks wondering why he hasn't been under center before now.

Heather Dinich: Thanks for reading, Brad. I am aware that Hall has been sort of the People's Choice Award in Charlottesville, and have written before about his high school background. I think he and Jameel Sewell will both play, but I think Hall is going to struggle to see the field a bit because of his height. He said this spring he's working on his arm strength, but clearly his best attribute so far is his feet. Al Groh wouldn't have put him there all spring if he wasn't serious about it, but it's always easy to look back and say what should have been. I don't think fans were complaining too much when Sewell won nine games and got to a bowl game, but just because a player has a standout career in high school at a certain position doesn't necessarily mean it will translate at the next level. I've got faith in most coaches to get their players in the right positions, but it's also a matter of need, too.

Seminole Steve in Palm Harbor Fla., writes in with a couple of links: Great blog ...here's are a couples note about FSU's solid recruiting ... love the pub!!!

HD: Thanks for the links, Steve. You're not the only one jacked up about the Noles' recruiting this week.

Alex in Miami writes: Hey HD! Happy Friday. So have you thought about telling the ACC world that FSU has picked up 4 recruits in the last 6 days and that it does not seem to be slowing down any time soon =)

HD: Jimbo Fisher is building his future (and I still think next year is the year FSU starts to make some real noise) ... but so is Clemson.

SebastiantheIbis in -- go figure -- Miami, Fla., writes: HD, since Big Randy has stated that he plans on utilizing only 5 WRs this season (assuming no injuries or ineptness), which 5 do you see getting the full reps and why? Is the YAC back in the 305?

HD: Ah, can't get enough predictions, huh? Ok, here's my guess as to how the receivers will whittle down: LaRon Byrd, Aldarius Johnson, Travis Benjamin, Tommy Streeter and Kendall Thompkins. Just a guess.

John in Raleigh writes: Hey HD!!! Good to see your down in Greensboro, I am curious about a couple of things....when you get a chance if you could, would you let the State faithful and the rest of the ACC know what's going on with Nate Irving and if he will be Med-RS this season...Also, I know this is far off but is there any chance NCST could possibly be scheduling any big powerhouse teams in future schedules(maybe oregon or USC from the Pac-10)....I know about Tennessee and Cincy, but I'm just curious about any other semi-big to major programs that State could be looking at...In my opinion, that would be the only way NCST could ever have a chance to play for a nat'l title....thanks

HD: Irving is simply out until the good doctors tell him he can play again. He's out of redshirts, so as soon as he's given the clear, the coaches will have him back on the field. That could literally be months from now, though. As for the scheduling, (Cincy is not a big powerhouse team) I'm not aware of anything so far, but that doesn't mean something isn't in the works. Speaking of scheduling ...

Brandon in Charlotte writes: Heard that it was getting pretty close and this is the first I saw it in print.

HD: Yeah, we had heard that this was in the works, but nothing has been finalized yet. You guys have probably noticed I'm a little slow with the scheduling news, but I've got to make sure it's a done deal before I put it out there. Thanks for your patience with those things.