Miami SID catches punt, Canes go wild

College football has brought us all sorts of post-practice highlights, from Kliff Kingsbury dancing off with his Texas Tech players to coach P.J. Fleck blowing by a Western Michigan corner for a touchdown.

On Monday, we witnessed something else: An SID catching a punt, and the ensuing celebration from players and coaches alike.

The backstory: Miami's offensive and defensive lines were having a mini-competition catching punts from a machine after practice. Wide receivers coach Kevin Beard and some others tried their hands at it as well. But as everyone was walking off the field, director of player development Joel Rodriguez announced: "Last up: Tom Symonds." Everyone, including head coach Al Golden, came right back to the field to watch Symonds, Miami's assistant AD for media relations.

The result was better than expected.

So much to like about this clip, from Symonds' erratic footwork and recovery, to his and the players' celebration, to, most of all, Beard (green shirt, bottom of the screen) absolutely losing it all by himself as the players mob Symonds.