ACC Friday mailblog

The office has moved to Charlotte today ...

Gregory in Fuquay-Varina, NC writes: Heather,Life-long Miami fan here. So, with our season over and me not even caring about the rest of the ACC (since the SEC blow-out last weekend), where do you see Miami for next year? Lots of strong, young players on this team (and work needing to be done on the defense). Assuming Coach Golden stays (please stay Al, PLEASE!!!), can this team be a pre-season top-10? Humor me!

HD: I'm not sure how many voters would be willing to give them that much credit coming off a seven-win season, but that doesn't mean they won't deserve it. You heard it here first: Miami is my pick to win next year's ACC title. Miami is going to have the best offensive line in the ACC next year. Recruiting continues to be going very well. The worst of the postseason sanctions could be behind them (should be). Al Golden isn't going anywhere. I don't need to humor you, Gregory, I'm starting the Miami hype machine now.

Patrick in Greensboro, N.C., writes: Heather,What is the REAL! reason why Tahj is getting no love in the Heisman talks. We at least have ties to the namesake, and please don't tell me it's conference or team. Maybe the student-athletes should stop playing since it's about conference, how quickly people forget about Texas A&M's past 5 seasons, not fair. Please, why no love for tahj, he's there statistic wise?

HD: Yes, he's there statistics-wise, and he deserves a trip to New York, but the reason he's not getting more love is probably because Clemson has faded out of the national picture, the Tigers are playing in a watered-down ACC, and eight of his touchdowns came against NC State, which just fired its coach. Again, not saying I agree with you, just reiterating the reality of the situation.

Nick in Milwaukee writes: Heather,Sorry to invade the ACC blog, but I'm curious what you have heard about the potential of Virginia joining the B1G if they decide to expand to 16 schools? The addition of Louisville simply replaces Maryland, and I am not sure if it truly makes the ACC safe from having Virginia leave. I must also say that I have not heard anything regarding Virginia's potential interest in the B1G. The B1G will only look at AAU schools that are contiguous with other B1G states, and that simply does not leave many options for them if they decide to go to 16 schools (which seems logical right?). Thanks and happy holidays, GO BADGERS

HD: Nick, I've said it before and I will continue to say it 100 million times: Nothing would surprise me after Maryland left. With that being said, I think the ACC is in a MUCH better place than it was a week ago now that Louisville has been accepted as a member. That move should pacify the rest of the conference, and reassure fans of its stability moving forward. The fact that all of the university presidents -- along with Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and Syracuse -- were in favor of the lawsuit against Maryland leads me to believe nobody plans on going anywhere anytime soon.

Aaron Kell in Missoula, Mont., writes: Heather I really liked having Maryland in the ACC it just felt right. But I do have to admit I think it is an actual upgrade. I am not talking financials I am talking purely off of a competitive basis. Don't you agree? Why or why not?

HD: No doubt I agree, Aaron. Louisville is a BCS bowl-bound program. Charlie Strong is one of the most marketable coaches in the country right now. The program has been on an upswing, and the high-profile status of both football and basketball will be a great addition to the ACC. I can't tell you how refreshing it was to hear ACC officials finally come out and say this was about sports, not academics.

Justin in Tallahassee, Fla., writes: With Maryland leaving and Louisville joining the ACC, the strength of schedule isn't getting any stronger for FSU. Is it time to leave the ACC? and if so, where to?

HD: I don't know why Florida State fans think their program is above the ACC. Last I checked, the Noles lost to NC State and haven't won an ACC title since 2005. Obviously that could change on Saturday, but c'mon. FSU just turned the ball over five times against Florida. You really wanna go line up against Alabama and LSU on a regular basis? The grass isn't always greener. Stay in the ACC and win.