ACC in the morning: Bowden title talk

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Until he wins an ACC title, Clemson coach Tommy Bowden knows he's going to be answering questions about whether or not he actually can.

It's not like he doesn't have the talent to do it. Just look at how many veterans are being pushed by talented rookies in this program.

Bowden said he planned on using a significant amount of freshmen this season, but a few prominent newcomers have been relegated to the redshirt ranks.

Maryland should surprise some people in the Atlantic Division this year, and the Terps' veteran offensive line is a major reason why.

On the Coastal side, even Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer has had to temper his expectations because he had so many questions to answer this summer. Could a defensive tackle nicknamed Taco be one of those answers? Possibly, now that he's slimmed down a bit.

With Eric Moncur and Allen Bailey battling injuries all summer, the freshmen on defense have had to turn it up a notch. Marcus Robinson has been impressive enough to earn consideration to start in the season opener. We don't know who the starting quarterback is at Miami yet, but we know what his backups are doing.

Georgia Tech had a game-style scrimmage Thursday night to prepare for its season opener against Jacksonville State, and it wasn't exactly pretty.

Wake Forest quarterback Riley Skinner isn't Matt Ryan, but he's tried to be. Now he's ready to be himself -- unflappable.

Boston College walk-on cornerback Mark Maglio has never gotten paid for doing his impersonations before -- unless a scholarship counts. Corner DeLeon Gause already has a scholarship, and there's no question he's going to earn it this season, as teams are likely to pick on BC's inexperienced secondary.

The same can be said at UNC, but as Kendric Burney points out, it's not like they're going against no-name receivers in practice every day.

With punter/placekicker Graham Gano out, who will step up?

Speaking of kickers ... can UNC's Casey Barth break his brother Connor's records? First he has to win the job.

And Virginia coach Al Groh isn't ready to name a starting quarterback, but he declared Yannick Reyering his new kicker.