Lambert still featured on UVA schedules

How much of a surprise was Greyson Lambert’s decision to transfer from Virginia last month? Enough that the news still hasn’t reached the printers.

As UVA blog Streaking the Lawn notes, the Hoos’ pocket schedules feature a nice photo of the QB who left for Georgia after Matt Johns was named Virginia’s starter.

In fairness, those schedule cards are printed before the spring game, so this is hardly a blunder UVA could’ve done anything about, but it does serve as a reminder that as little as two months ago, Lambert seemed all but destined to be the face of the Hoos’ offense. Now, he’ll be taking snaps in Athens, Georgia.

Of course, the smart money for UVA might’ve been to avoid advertising your QB at all, given the history of transfers and busts at the position during the Mike London era. In fact, going all the way back to 2007, Michael Rocco is the only QB to start at least eight games in consecutive years — and, of course, he ended up transferring to Richmond after that.

In other words, UVA should probably put its advertising eggs in Quin Blanding’s or Smoke Mizzell’s basket for the foreseeable future, and with a little luck,Johns will still be the starting QB this time next year. In the meantime -- anyone at Georgia interested in a convenient way to find out UVA's Week 3 opponent?