Virginia Tech's Augie Conte: So far, so good with new coach

Virginia Tech's offense is still getting its sea legs under new head coach Justin Fuente, but with ample experience returning on both the line and the skill positions, there's hope for a quick transition. We caught up with lineman Augie Conte to see how spring practice was going.

How big of a transition has this spring been with the new offensive system being implemented?

There's a little bit of a learning curve. When you have new coaches and new players, that happens. But a lot of what we're doing is fairly similar to last year. We have different terminology and that stuff, but the basics are a whole lot of what we were doing last year. It's not as big a learning curve as it could be. It's going well.

That you're returning so many players -- particularly on the offensive line -- should help, right?

Yeah, most definitely. When you have some experience to work with up front, it's easier to transition to a different offense just because you have guys who have playing experience, have that knowledge. It definitely makes it easier to learn new plays and how they're supposed to work.

The one spot on the line with some turnover is at right tackle. How has that looked so far?

It's been all right. Parker Osterloh has been taking the majority of the reps with the 1s. He's done well. He's gotten some playing experience the past couple years, and that helps when you're trying to earn the starting job.

What have you seen of the quarterback battle?

It's been pretty even. All the quarterbacks we have have been splitting up the reps pretty evenly. It'll really come down to who can pick up the offense the quickest will be the one starting on Saturdays. It'll be interesting to see who starts getting the offense down as spring progresses and who starts taking the majority of the reps.

You blocked for a pocket QB in Michael Brewer last year, and for a mobile QB in Brenden Motley. Is that a big transition?

It helps when you have a quarterback who is a threat with his feet. It gives the defense more to defend. But whatever works for our style of offense is what we're going to work with. I'm not the one to make that decisions. That's what the offensive coordinator gets paid for. But it honestly doesn't really matter to me. Whoever can produce the most and be most efficient is who I'm willing to go with.

Travon McMillian seemed to really improve as the season progressed last year. What's it been like blocking for a running back with his talent?

It's a lot of fun to block for a running back who can make yards after contact. It's enjoyable to watch a guy who won't go down but who will punish the tackler. That adds some grit to the offense, and our capability to gain yards. He'll be a big asset for the offense.