Jackets looking for more from B-backs

Georgia Tech still had one of the best rushing offenses in the country in 2011, but there was one noticeable difference -- the Yellow Jackets lacked a superstar at the B-back position.

“The guy who had the stats was the quarterback, which was different than the first few years,” coach Paul Johnson said.

In 2008, Georgia Tech’s leading rusher was B-back Jonathan Dwyer, ( 1,395 yards). In 2009 it was Dwyer again (1,395). In 2010, B-back Anthony Allen led the way with 1,316 yards.

Last year?

Georgia Tech’s leading rusher was quarterback Tevin Washington, who had 987 yards and 14 touchdowns. Starting B-back David Sims and backups Charles Perkins and Richard Watson combined for 823 yards (698 by Sims).

In his first season as a running back, Sims, a former quarterback, averaged 5.2 yards per carry and rushed for eight touchdowns. Perkins has the potential to challenge him for the starting job this spring, and he is a player Johnson said the staff is eager to see this spring.

“We didn’t get as much production out of our B-backs as we needed to, for sure,” Johnson said, “so that’s something we have to take a long, hard look at.”