Wake still unsettled at quarterback

Despite the return of 2010 starter Tanner Price, Wake Forest's quarterback job is still an open competition this spring, and the staff is still looking for more from Price, Ted Stachitas and Brendan Cross. The decision of Skylar Jones to transfer won't have a huge impact on the group, as Jones was No. 4 on the depth chart. The staff wanted him to stay -- Wake Forest actually used all four quarterbacks in 2010 -- but Jones wanted to be the starter and the coaches couldn't promise him that.

The Deacs have only had two spring practices heading into today, but as of right now, Price is No. 1 on the depth chart, followed by Stachitas and Cross.

Offensive coordinator Steed Lobotzke said the staff didn't help Price last year, as they asked him to do too much as a true freshman and changed offenses about three times during the season.

"We just need to settle on an offense and get him a thousand reps in it," Lobotzke said. "It’s not a locked-up job, either. Ted could take that job. Brandon Cross could surprise everybody and take that job. We’re still letting them compete. I don’t think anyone is playing well enough to really be the team we want to be offensively. It’s just going to take reps. We've thrown a lot at them in two practices. Once they settle down and get used to what were calling right now, they’ll play better.

"Our bar is very high. We’re not quite there yet with any of them."