A couple more undrafted FA signings

As mentioned in lunch links, Clemson announced the signings of undrafted lineman Landon Walker (Cincinnati Bengals) and punter Dawson Zimmerman (Atlanta Falcons). And a couple of generous readers have passed along a few more signings from ACC schools.

Virginia Tech guard Blake DeChristopher signed with the Cardinals, and Hokies defensive back Cris Hill signed with the Bills.

Big thanks to Matt from Alexandria, Va., Ben in Blacksburg, Va., and Lynn in Blacksburg, Va., for the head's up.

The updated, working list is below. Feel free to pass along any oversights.


CB Donnie Fletcher: New York Jets


DE Kourtnei Brown: San Francisco 49ers

FB Chad Diehl: Baltimore Ravens

OL Antoine McClain: Baltimore Ravens

DT Rennie Moore: Houston Texans

OT Landon Walker: Cincinnati Bengals

P Dawson Zimmerman: Atlanta Falcons


S Matt Daniels: St. Louis Rams


WR Bert Reed: Cleveland Browns

S Terrence Parks: Kansas City Chiefs

P Shawn Powell: Buffalo Bills


CB Cameron Chism: Indianapolis Colts

RB Davin Meggett: Houston Texans


WR LaRon Byrd: Arizona Cardinals

OL Joel Figueroa: Miami Dolphins (rookie camp tryout)

TE Chase Ford: Philadelphia Eagles

DL Marcus Forston: New England Patriots

LB Jordan Futch: Tampa Bay Bucaneers

G Harland Gunn: Dallas Cowboys

QB Jacory Harris: Miami Dolphins (rookie camp tryout)

C Tyler Horn: Atlanta Falcons

S JoJo Nicolas: New York Giants

DL Adewale Ojomo: New York Giants

DT Micanor Regis: Atlanta Falcons


CB Charles Brown: Baltimore Ravens

C Cam Holland: Kansas City Chiefs

WR Dwight Jones: Houston Texans

S Matt Merletti: Indianapolis Colts

DT Tydreke Powell: Minnesota Vikings


TE George Bryan: Dallas Cowboys

FB Taylor Gentry: Kansas City Chiefs


CB Chase Minnifield: Washington Redskins

OG Austin Pasztor: Minnesota Vikings

S Rodney McLeod: St. Louis Rams

DT Matt Conrath: St. Louis Rams


WR Jarrett Boykin: Jacksonville Jaguars

OT Jaymes Brooks: Green Bay Packers

G Blake DeChristopher: Arizona Cardinals

CB Cris Hill: Buffalo Bills

S Eddie Whitley: Dallas Cowboys


TE Cameron Ford: Green Bay Packers

S Cyhl Quarles: Baltimore Ravens