Jarvis wants to see some green

If Vince Wilfork wants to get a feel for the open market, then he might have to live vicariously through free-agent defensive linemate Jarvis Green.

GreenGreenThe New England Patriots have a gravitational pull on Wilfork through a possible franchise tag, but Green expects to explore his free agent options as thoroughly as he can.

ESPNBoston.com chieftain Mike Reiss reports Green would be open to re-signing with the Patriots but not before he fields whatever offers may come his way.

"Definitely this year I'm going to experience the market," Green said. "I think for any player in their NFL career they need to experience that, and this will be my first time. I had the chance five years ago but I re-signed with the team. So this has been different for me, and it's been cool not being obligated to anyone but my family, my wife and kids."

Green started a career-high 12 games this season. His sack production has gone down significantly. He registered 14 sacks in 2006-07, but has only three the past two seasons. He had one sack in 2009.

Reiss notes there could be interest in Green because of former coaches scattered around the AFC. Former Patriots defensive coordinators Eric Mangini and Romeo Crennel could pursue him for their new teams.

Green told Reiss he underwent five surgical procedures since last offseason: two on an elbow, one on a wrist and one on each knee.

"I went through a lot of stuff, and the first thing you understand as a football player is that nobody plays 100 percent. There is no such thing," Green said. "But can I say that I ever felt like I was in my time? Here and there.

"After I came back from my knee surgery during the season, I felt pretty good for two to three games, but I still had my complications, the aftershocks of all my surgeries. So it feels good to have a full offseason obligated to healing up, getting back. I feel very blessed to walk away this year with no injuries."