Porter wants to part ways with Dolphins

Joey Porter Talks Dolphins Football (5:06)

Joey Porter sits down with Jim Rome (5:06)

MIAMI -- Joey Porter has laid down an ultimatum.

If the Miami Dolphins expect him to play in a rotation again in 2010, then he's not coming back.

The immodest outside linebacker sat down on the South Beach set of "Jim Rome is Burning" and spoke about his dissatisfaction with the Dolphins.

"No, not happy," Porter said. "I thought the situation could've easily been fixed. But it's a situation to where they want to play younger guys. They want me to be a rotation guy. I got a lot of football left in me to be a rotation guy. You know what I mean? I don't get paid like a rotation guy, so I'm not ready to take that role."

Porter didn't demand a trade, but said it would be for the best because he believes he can start for any NFL team. He will turn 33 next month. He would receive a $1 million roster bonus on March 1.

"It kind of would be the smart thing to do," Porter said of a trade. "Why keep a guy there that you want to make a role player? You're paying me as a starter. So why pay me all that money and make me a role player?"

Porter led the AFC with 17.5 sacks in 2008. He recorded nine sacks this season, but half came in two games. Reserve outside linebackers Cameron Wake and Charlie Anderson combined to have 1.5 fewer sacks than Porter.

"We had talks," Porter said, presumably referring to head coach Tony Sparano. "Only thing he would say is 'I have to play my young guys, and I'm not going to let you stop the development, the growth of my young players.' So by him saying that is basically telling me that 'If you're here, you're going to have to rotate. Get used to it.' "

Rome asked Porter what his reaction would be if the Dolphins expected him to function similarly in 2010.

"I won't accept it no more," Porter said. "I accepted it last year because I'm a team guy. I just want to play, have fun, win football games because when you're winning all this stuff is swept away.

"But after seeing how last year went, to ask me to come back and play that role again, I can honesty say I won't come back and do that. I can't be happy about coming back and playing that role."