Jack Frost should be an All-Pro on Sunday

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
The three AFC East teams that don't play in a tropical climate broke from their normal routines and practiced outside this week to prepare for nasty weather in the Northeast and the other side of the continent.

The forecast for every AFC East game is inhospitable, and they all have playoff implications.

Here are the matchups with the Weather Channel's projected kickoff conditions:

The Jets rarely practice outside in the snow, but head coach Eric Mangini made an exception this week.

"I've always seen value in that," Mangini said of practicing in wintry elements. "You can't simulate it. You can talk about it. You can try to educate on it, but until you do it, it's different.

"We practice a lot in the rain and the cold, all the different elements. It's real value to it if you can draw from the experiences the next time you face that stuff. With this situation, we're talking about just a couple of days."

Bills coach Dick Jauron on Thursday took his team outside the field house for the first time in a month.

Bill Belichick also took his Patriots outside this week.

"I think it definitely helps," said Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski, according to Boston Globe reporter Mike Reiss' blog. "Whether it's cold or windy, whatever it is, it's always good to get used to it in practice. It gets your blood thickened up a little bit.

"It's always good to make it tougher for yourself during the week so it seems easier on game day."

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said he would practice in a freezer if he could, but the best he could do in South Florida was put a bunch of footballs on ice to get quarterback Chad Pennington and his receivers a tiny hint.