Should anybody be afraid of the AFC East?

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- On the Iditarod trail to Gillette Stadium for Sunday's game between the Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots, I heard an interesting AFC East debate on Boston sports station WEEI.

If you're another AFC playoff team, do you dread a first-round draw against whoever represents the AFC East?

Pregame host Mike Felger, analyst and former Patriots tight end Christian Fauria, NBCSports.com columnist Tom Curran and Patriots Football Weekly reporter Paul Perillo came to the conclusion nobody would be scared of the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins or Patriots.

The Patriots have Bill Belichick. The Dolphins don't commit turnovers or beat themselves. The Jets, with their seven Pro Bowlers, probably are the most talented of the three teams.

But the panel ranked the likely AFC playoff teams and decided only the Denver Broncos would be a more desirable first-round opponent.

What do you think?