Best player never to win a Super Bowl?

The NFL Network put together its list of the 10 greatest players never to win a Super Bowl.

10. Fran Tarkenton

9. Jim Kelly

8. Eric Dickerson

7. Bruce Matthews

6. Dick Butkus

5. Bruce Smith

4. Deacon Jones

3. Merlin Olsen

2. Dan Marino

1. Barry Sanders

A couple things stand out to me about the list. From an AFC East perspective, there are no New York Jets even though they have not won a Super Bowl in 41 years.

There are no receivers on the list either.

New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss, who told me last summer he considered himself the greatest receiver of all-time and probably the best player at any position, hasn't won a Super Bowl. Neither has Buffalo Bills receiver Terrell Owens, who ranks sixth all-time in receptions, third in receiving yards and third in receiving touchdowns.

Who do you think belongs on the list?