Herm pencils in Jets for Super Bowl XLV

Herm's Teams To Beat (2:08)

Herm Edwards feels the Cowboys and the Jets are the teams to beat next season (2:08)

Herm Edwards likes his defense.

The ESPN analyst and former NFL head coach has made the New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys his picks to play in next year's Super Bowl.

The Jets and Cowboys were the top teams in scoring defense for 2009. The Jets gave up an average of 14.8 points per game, while the Cowboys allowed 15.6 points.

Edwards called his Jets prediction "a little bit of an underdog," but loves them on defense and also finds a lot to like offensively, including "a bunch of Pro Bowlers on that offensive line."

"They run the ball very well on offense," Edwards said. "They've got a rookie quarterback [Mark Sanchez] that got them in the playoffs. They finished the season on a hot streak.

"They've got to do some things better on offense. They've probably got to get a No. 1 receiver. They've got a good running game, a great defense. They can stop the run, and they've got a wonderful corner out there [Darrelle Revis] that can stop the pass."