Audio: Hartford radio tells Jets to axe homeboy

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini can't even get any love from in his hometown.

Mangini, a native of Hartford, Conn., was excoriated there Tuesday morning on news-talk radio station WTIC 1080-AM.

Sports commentator Scott Gray sounded somewhat remorseful for going after the Bulkeley High grad, but went on a convincing, four-minute diatribe that meticulously stated the case for the Jets to fire Mangini.

"The basics may be there," Gray said, "but the intangibles are missing."

Gray broke down a series of questionable coaching decisions from Sunday's 13-3 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

"Not one of them would have been made by a great coach," Gray said. "I now join the chorus. Eric Mangini is a serviceable coach. He knows the fundamentals. But he's not ready to be a head coach in the NFL."